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Design is the interface between message and audience, a catalyst that enables their interaction, a membrane through which information passes unaltered, a spark that animates meaning. At Tantamount we believe in making this interface as intuitive, effective and invisible as possible.


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The importance of repurposing

The importance of repurposing

Have you decided to step into the world of publishing and write a book? If facing the blank page can be frightening for experienced writers, it can be even worse for those who are novices in publishing.   In a previous article, we suggested that before you plunge into writing a book you stop to…

Print advertising 101

Print advertising 101

With so much marketing being focused online through social media these days, younger businesses are often unfamiliar with print advertising, resulting in a blurred understanding of the line between collateral and advert.   If you are considering running an advertising campaign in print, you should be clear about where the adverts are to be placed…

You want to write a book

So you want to write a book?

They say that everyone has a book in them. So, as an authority in your professional field, you may feel that the natural next step is to become an author. But before you face the blank page, it’s worth taking a moment to ask yourself why you want to write a book.   Do you…

Two types of video

Two types of video

With modern tech, every one of us, business and individual, has the potential to be a broadcaster. But there’s a world of difference between spontaneous social media videos and the kind of video that is a genuine business asset.   It is estimated that by 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all…

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