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About Tantamount
Communication design

Having trouble getting your point across?

Whatever the subject, and whoever your audience is, we’ll make your message compelling. Learn more

About Tantamount
Brand development

Want to bring your brand into focus?

We design, review and curate all aspects of brand: visual ID, tone of voice, style… Learn more

About Tantamount
Digital experiences

Wondering about the potential of digital?

We create powerful UX and UI to make your content engaging, immersive and inspiring. Learn more

About Tantamount
Content creation

Looking for more powerful content?

We’ll help you create outstanding content that communicates your vision. Learn more

About Tantamount
Motion graphics

Ready to up the ante in your visuals?

We’ll make sure you’re creating professional, lasting business assets, not ephemera. Learn more

About Tantamount
Print & digital publishing

Interested in the authority of authorship?

We’ll help throughout the writing process and show you the best way to tell your story. Learn more

A few of our projects
some of the organisations we've worked with

World Health Organization
Warwickshire CC
Warwick DC
Zenzero Solutions
Illuminate VR
One Change CIC
Pemberton North
Provident Information
ALPA Arnold Lodge School
Shakespeare's Hospice
Warwickshire Climate Alliance

SHL International
MUSE Creative
Grupo Anaya
British Council
Elle Magazine
Hello! Magazine
José Cuervo
Clean Air Warwickshire
Risk Evolves

Kaizen Hotels
Grupo Santillana
EOI Business School
Down Syndrome UK
El Pati de l'Albera

Get to know us
In a nutshell
  • We are experts in words: spoken and written; on paper and on screen.

  • We understand imagery: photographs and graphics; designs and patterns; geometry and colours; static and in motion.

  • We work with technology of all kinds, from traditional printing to the latest digital trends.

  • We know how to use words, imagery and technology as tools that work together to tell your business story in a way your clients will relate to.


Corporate, professional, third-sector, technical and educational, our clients come from a wide range of sectors and include individuals, micro businesses, SMEs and larger enterprises. Whatever their size or focus, we specialise in helping them develop and present a clear, coherent and consistent image for their brands, products and services.

Whether it’s the creation of a new brand identity, a tablet-based Point of Sale, an influencer’s slide deck, a fully-researched whitepaper for a tech company, a charity impact report, or a book launch video and collateral for an indie author who we’ve mentored through the manuscript writing process, we draw on our broad knowledge-base to provide the best possible service.


Talent and expertise know no physical bounds, so we do not limit ourselves by geographical location; but despite our global connections, we continue to work on the human scale, building lasting relationships with our clients, wherever they are. We choose to remain small, while maintaining close ties with trusted colleagues across a range of disciplines. By keeping things in proportion, we are able to focus our potential and our personnel can be fully involved and active in each project.

Tantamount is built on the principles of collaboration, mutual support, adaptability and generosity. We understand that everyone has their own unique skills, that the whole can be far more than the sum of the parts, and that the right team is essential for success. Correct prioritisation, efficient organisation and clear communication form the bedrock for all our projects.


We’ve been around for a while. From blade-and-glue design and punch-card computer programming to state-of-the-art digital experiences, we’ve weathered the technological revolution. We’ve worked at all levels, in organisations of all sizes, and we have re-invented ourselves in new sectors in accordance with our growing knowledge and the needs of changing technology and lifestyles.

Along the way, we’ve made a whole lot of contacts, many of whom have become clients, colleagues, collaborators and friends. We believe in long-term relationships, in building trust and earning respect. Now we’d like to learn more about you and your plans and projects, to see how we can help and if you’d like to become a part of the Tantamount story.

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