It's not about you!


Some business owners think of their businesses as an extension of themselves: there’s a personal anecdote behind the company name, the logo is in the owner’s favourite colour, and the brand personality clearly reflects the attitudes, vision and values of the person behind the scenes. The problem is that this can restrict business growth.


The personalised approach can be very effective for marketing purposes: this kind of brand will usually be unique and easily identifiable, and it’s easy to remain faithful to a message that is so authentic. But, particularly with micro businesses, there’s a danger of this approach being restrictive: it can be very hard to delegate when you identify so directly with your business; and if the owner is the face of the company, it’s difficult to grow an organisation when every client expects to deal directly with the boss.

It’s important to remember that your business is not all about you. To begin with, even if you intend to remain a one-man band for life, in order to work effectively, you’ll almost certainly need to have support for administration if not for other areas of your business. Beyond that, though, your business will be more successful if you focus on your clients rather than on yourself.

When you’re writing about the business, it’s good to use an inclusive approach, addressing the audience directly as “you”, rather than looking at everything from your own perspective and starting each sentence with “I” or “we”. If you do use “we” it should be clear that this includes not just the people on your own team, but the client and their team as well. There’s a huge difference in focus and emotional impact between phrases like “I can help you achieve this” and “Together we can achieve this”.



Focusing on the client and taking their point of view will mean you stop getting excited about the multiple features and functions your new product has and start instead to look at the value this provides to the client. Marketing is all about demonstrating the benefits and showing the results the client can expect, not raving about buttons and gizmos, however impressed the guys on the shop floor are by these.

It’s important that your company is genuine and relatable. But it’s wise to remember that your business isn’t an extension of yourself.

Think about how your product or service benefits your client and the real reasons why they buy it. It’s long been said that no one really wants a drill: what they want is the hole; the companies that manufacture cosmetics actually sell hope; the publishers of glossy magazines are selling dreams, not printed words and photos.

It’s important that your company is genuine and relatable. But it’s wise to remember that your business isn’t an extension of yourself: instead of being owner-centric, it should be customer-centric; show, don’t tell; and focus on benefits not features

“Life is not about you. It’s about what you do for others.
― Tom Rath

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