Creative storytelling for business

From authority to authorship
Everyone loves a good story

Whatever sector or industry your business operates in, your organisation has a tale to tell: the members of your team; the story behind your brand; the highlights and achievements; how you’ve helped your customers reach their goals; the challenges you’ve faced along the way… all of these provide material for business storytelling.

You may already be using some of these stories on your company blog, newsletter or social media platforms, but content distributed this way tends to be ephemeral. It’s worth considering repurposing this existing content into a more permanent format, whether that’s a traditional printed book, or a fully enhanced ebook with video interviews, audio, and motion graphics.


Assisted publishing

Our assisted publishing model allows us to provide a complete range of editorial and design services to aspiring authors while they retain complete ownership of their work.


Text edition & correction

To ensure your book is the best it can be, we offer help at all stages pre-publication: mentoring and planning, structural editing, copy editing, proof reading… even ghost writing!


Bespoke book layout and cover art

However good the content, the effect of a poorly designed book can outweigh the benefits of becoming an author. We can provide all the professional assistance you need.


Enhanced ebooks & audio books

Don’t limit your book to monochrome print: imagine it as an immersive experience with video, audio, graphics, social media integration and reader participation!

Add credibility through publication

If you’re already active on the talk circuit, or have a dedicated following on social media, many of your audience will be interested in exploring your ideas in a more permanent format. Whether it’s print or digital, a high-quality publication can be a stepping-stone that promotes the mere expert to the status of influencer.

Remember, though, that while modern publishing makes it easy for anyone to produce a book, although you are an expert in your sector, you are probably not an expert in publishing. If you want to remain at the top, it’s vital for your credibility that you produce the very best book you can.

Ensure you bring your A game with our six-month online programme From Authority to Authorship, which will support and guide you from book concept through to manuscript completion.

More than a collection of words

You may already have all the raw material you need to write a book: a host of reports, presentations and case studies, a collection of blog posts that tell a bigger story, perhaps even a clear plot line for a novel. But a book is not simply a mass of words strung together. The raw material needs to be carefully organised and the contents structured and edited to add value to the reader and make the book the best it can be.

Structure, organisation, design and presentation all have a part to play in making a publication work effectively. At Tantamount we are experts in traditional and digital publishing: let us show you how to use publishing to share your story and expertise.

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Assisted Publishing
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We’ve written a useful guide that explains what we can do to help you make your book the very best it can be!

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Going it alone?
Book design tips for indie authors

If you’re planning on self-publishing, there’s a lot to pay attention to. Our four-part guide for indie authors can help you get things right.

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Download the Tantamount Guide
Editorial services


  • Free 30 minute consultation
Fiction (text only)


  • 2 hours consultation
  • Reflowable ebook
  • Interior layout
  • Cover design
  • Amazon set-up


  • 6 hours editorial support
  • Print & ebook
  • Up to 250 pages
  • Up to 15 graphics/tables
  • Interior layout
  • Cover design
  • Amazon set-up
Enhanced book

from £8,000

  • Editorial support
  • Print, ebook, interactive
  • Illustration/graphics
  • Audio & video
  • Amazon set-up
  • Book trailer
  • Landing page
  • Social media assets
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