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Jenifer Carey

Tantamount created British artist Jenifer Carey’s personal brand and designed her first website some years ago. Since then, the website has gone through several iterations. The latest version takes full advantage of the high quality modern displays of smartphones and tablets to showcase Jennie’s vivid oils and playful wire sculptures.

The highly visual e-commerce website is easily updatable and has the flexibility to promote a range of different artworks as well as a journal space for news of exhibitions and new projects.

Client: Jenifer Carey
Sector: Fine Arts
What we did: E-commerce website | Personal brand | Copywriting | Collateral
Jenifer Carey
Jenifer Carey
Jenifer Carey
"With each new oeuvre I rediscover the joy of beauty and creation. My curiosity about life has led me, in art, to experiment with many methods of plastic expression.

- Jenifer Carey / Painter & Sculptor


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Jenifer’s work focuses on movement, the moment and the joy of living. Full of bold Mediterranean colours, her expressionist works are accessible but not easy, arresting but enjoyable.
Jennie Carey