Transition time

It’s all change at Tantamount!

We’ve just relaunched our website with a new, cleaner design and more information about our publishing and other services for businesses and individuals; if you’re one of our regular followers, you may notice a difference to the blog: instead of being hosted on we’ve transferred it over to our own domain so it’s more closely tied into the rest of our site.

If you’re one of our WordPress followers, you should still find the new blog posts in your Reader, but you won’t get email notifications of updates unless you sign up for them. If you’re a new reader, this is a great time to sign up to be sure you don’t miss any of the news and information we’ll be posting on the blog. (The Follow! button is over there in the column on the right.)

You may also want to subscribe to the newsletter we’ll be sending out occasionally. Don’t worry, we won’t be flooding your inbox with unwanted messages and you can always unsubscribe.

Whether or not you choose to follow the blog or subscribe to the newsletter, we welcome your comments. And if there’s any issue you’d like us to write about, just leave a comment to let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.