The eBrochure: endless possibilities

The eBrochure: endless possibilities

An eBrochure is a standalone digital mini-book that can include text, image galleries, animations, video, audio and interactivity. It’s a perfect showcasing tool to present your company, to highlight a single project, or to bring together a group of related products. Tantamount offer eBrochures for smartphones, iPads and other tablets.

Whatever your business, you have something that you want to tell your customer about: you have information you want to share, a story to tell, a message to communicate. Sometimes this is directly about the product or service – about what your company does; or about the process – about how you do it. Sometimes it’s more generally about the company and the personnel, your vision and your achievements, about who does what, where they do it and why.

Here at Tantamount, we are very aware of the importance of content in the world of marketing; but we also know that strong content itself is not the end of the story: your content needs to be presented well and it needs to reach the customer. And that’s not simply a question of design, but also of the platform used.

Maybe you’ve put together your company backstory and published it on your website, only to find that visitors don’t actually follow the links to find that particular page, the low-res photos don’t do justice to what you want to show and the videos take too long to load. Perhaps, despite the high printing costs, you’ve compiled your message into a glossy company brochure, only to realise that the customer does no more than glance at it before dropping it in the re-cycling bin.

We spoke a few months ago here on the blog about lean-forward and lean-back technology, and about how people interact with, and connect to, content they access via a tablet or other hand-held device: in lean-back mode, they are relaxed and open, ready to be entertained and informed – in the perfect mood to engage with your content and listen to what you have to tell them. By presenting your brochure as an ebook or app, you put your company’s story right into your clients’ hands when they are ready and willing to hear what you have to say. Once they download your eBrochure to their device, it’s there, whether or not there’s an internet connection, a little icon with your company logo on the screen that reminds them about you and your product.

Not only that, but there’s no longer the limiting question of printing cost: high-resolution tablet screens are perfect for viewing whole galleries of high quality images. You can include video, too, or animations and 3D modelling so your customer can get right inside and explore the product or the process, or take a virtual tour of your company premises, your workshop, your hotel or tourist facility. Using the audio function you can tell your customer – in your own voice if you want – all about your vision, giving your company a human perspective that is difficult to achieve with written text.

Of course all of this doesn’t just apply to businesses who want to tell customers and colleagues about their company. If you are a freelance artist, actor, photographer, writer or other professional offering services or products, you, too, have things to communicate. And an eBrochure is the perfect modern CV or portfolio to showcase you, your skills and your projects. By bringing together a selection of biographical and bibliographical information, work samples, interviews and behind-the-scenes secrets, your eBrochure can function as a professional calling card, a sampler of a range of work, to highlight a project, or to contextualise a series of related projects.

We think eBrochures can be useful for individuals and for companies. We envisage them being used for a whole host of purposes including book samples, author bios, artist portfolios, company presentations, catalogues, sales presentations, information packs, product guides, manuals, guides, annual reports, project reports…

What would you use an eBrochure for? Why not get in touch and talk about the possibilities?