Some thoughts on design

Some thoughts on design

Design is at the heart of many of our projects and has been taking a leading role in many conversations with our clients and contacts lately, so we thought we’d take a closer look at what design is and what it does.


Graphic design isn’t the only thing that we do at Tantamount, but whether we’re working on branding and visual ID, corporate collateral, publishing for print or screen, apps or websites, it’s definitely a key factor.

Frequently it crops up in conjunction with two other concepts: those of art and innovation. Sometimes clients expect design to fulfill aesthetic criteria and sometimes they are looking for something that’s ground-breaking. These are both possible, but not necessary aspects of good design.

Art and design have much in common and are often expressed via the same media. They are both about communication, but while art may deliberately obfuscate and conceal meaning, good design should clarify and facilitate comprehension. Tweet this

Art raises questions; design finds solutions. Art challenges the status quo; design works within existing conditions and capabilities to encourage understanding.

Innovation and design both solve problems, but they approach those problems in different ways. Innovation demands originality and invention; it’s unconventional and pushes boundaries to produce something new.

Great design doesn’t need to break the mould: it builds on structure and familiarity and works with known techniques; it uses the tools that are already available to illuminate meaning and provide access to information.

Art raises questions; design finds solutions. Tweet this

Simply put, art and innovation demand attention. Art wants to be admired; innovation wants to impress. Great design is happy to take a back seat, Tweet this to stand in the shadow of functionality and user experience. It allows you to feel comfortable because it is recognisable and consistent with your experience.

Design is the interface between message and audience, a catalyst that enables their interaction, a membrane through which information passes unaltered, a spark that animates meaning.

At Tantamount, we believe in making this interface as simple, intuitive and invisible as possible, allowing your client full access to your message. Whatever the project we are working on, our aim is to let your content, product or service speak for itself.

If complex, tired or fussy design is getting in the way of your communication with clients, get in touch and ask how we can help.