Putting it all together

Readers who have been following the Tantamount blog for a while will already have heard of Waverley – the small cat with the big miaow.

Waverley was a small cat with a big miaow
Waverley was a small cat with a big miaow…
We’ve been working over the last few months with author, David Aston, illustrator, Martin Jones, and narrator Alex Owen-Hill to get together all the various pieces of this delightful children’s book.

Now Tantamount’s design team are busy working to combine these elements into the different formats so you can read – and listen to – “The Cat’s Miaow” on tablets, iPads, smart phones, and eReaders.

We’ll be bringing out the different versions of enhanced ebook and app as soon as they are ready, but for now here’s the first official colour picture of Waverley outside the house at number 10, Marten’s Drive, where he lives with Mr and Mrs Turner and their son, Jonathan.