Our in-house projects


As a creative studio, we recognise that, whatever the platform, every time we communicate it reflects on our brand: it is vital that our own marketing materials and collateral meet the same high standards our clients expect.

As well as developing our own website and print collateral, we also use our in-house skills on other projects that interest us. We have undertaken projects in publishing, course development, and talks and presentations, allowing us to showcase our expertise and share our knowledge.

Shakespeare On collection

As a publishing house based in the heart of England, it was only natural that we would want to publish some of the works of the greatest English writer of all, Shakespeare. But we also wanted to find an original approach and presentation, so we chose to make a series of thematic posters that folded down like maps for easy handling.

Author Branding

Part of our mission as publishers is to enable independent authors to give their work a professional edge by making it easy to access expert advice, which we do through our sister initiative, Author Branding. As well as offering a full range of print and digital publishing services, we also provide a number of free resources for writers who want to go it alone.

The Cat’s Miaow
A Waverley story

Although we work closely with independent authors, offering assisted publishing services, David Aston’s The cat’s miaow is one of Tantamount’s commissioned publications. Produced in different ebook formats – including as an iBook which includes an audio track and highlights Martin Jones’ delightful illustrations – it reached number one in Kids’ Fiction on Kobo USA.

  1. The Cats Miaow
    Alex Owen-Hill


  2. The Cats Miaow
    Alex Owen-Hill


  3. The Cats Miaow
    Alex Owen-Hill


  4. The Cats Miaow
    Alex Owen-Hill


Talks and presentations

At Tantamount, we feel very strongly about the value of education and are happy to offer workshops and presentations in our areas of expertise. We have developed a number of talks on brand development including Personal branding online, In words and pictures for the Birmingham Business Network, and Engage and communicate for Enterprise Nation, as well as others on publishing issues, including Digital publishing for the SWWJ, The author online aimed at indie writers, and Creative Writing; Business Writing for the NAWE conference 2017.

Video courses

As well as being an expert copy-writer and translator, Gwyneth Box, joint owner of the company, is an award-winning poet. She has developed a number of courses including Poetry & copywriting: a shared approach and The essential poet’s toolbox, and we have produced online video versions of these, as well as a course on Better business networking.