Doing the August

Despite occasional brief heat waves, the UK summer is nothing like the intense heat of a Spanish summer. Often the languages don’t correspond very closely either, but here we’ve put a British spin on a Spanish idiom.


The Spanish have an expression “hacer el agosto” – “to do the August” – which doesn’t quite translate into English although it has a rough equivalent in our “make money hand over fist”, or simply “rake it in”.

When you first come across it, the idiom seems a bit odd, as the stereotypical Spaniard is not best known for working hard, and even less so in the summer heat. If you’ve ever visited a Spanish city in July or August, you probably got the impression that the country closes down completely for the season: even bars and restaurants shut up shop for weeks on end as soaring temperatures drive local customers and staff to seek the cooler air of the mountains or the coast.

Despite the occasional heat wave, the UK has never been famed for glorious summers, but a lot of companies find there’s a tendency for work to slow down at this time of year: whatever the weather is doing here, it’s the time for family holidays and even those without children who prefer to wait for off-peak deals are lured away on long weekends, disrupting office routine. Meetings are harder to organise and projects seems to take twice as long as it’s impossible to gather everyone together to sign off on the next stage.Doing the August

But business shouldn’t just be focused on what’s happening today, this week or this month: we need to be constantly looking ahead. And although the calendar year officially starts in January and the fiscal year in April, in many ways, September also offers a new beginning.

Perhaps you’ve got trade exhibitions planned for the autumn, or you’re thinking about a back-to-school campaign; maybe Christmas is your busy time of year and you want to be ready to tell your clients about this season’s new offers and deals while your competitors are still swapping stories of the beach.

Summertime can be a great opportunity to take stock and plan, Tweet this to review your current marketing materials and see what print and other collateral you’re going to need to support your upcoming campaigns.

Looking back over recent projects you can decide which are the best examples for case studies and how best to present these: separate sheets that can be slipped into a branded folder? Interactive PDFs that can be attached to emails or downloaded from your website? Maybe a happy client would agree to provide a video testimonial for your website or blog.

Perhaps you could put some of your content together and compile into an interactive company ebrochure or app; or what about a professional screen presentation you could use on your next trade show stand? The options are endless to present your company in the best light and to impress and attract customers.

At Tantamount we’ll be available all through the summer, so this is an ideal time to talk to us and see how we can help you get your message right and present it in the best format for your clients.

We’ve got lots of ideas, so do get in touch and let us help you “do the August”.