Digital publishing

Digital publishing – eBooks and Apps – new forms and formats, new ways to experience the wonder of words: that’s what this blog is about and what Tantamount Publishing is all about.

We haven’t forgotten about print publications, and we still love the feel and smell of ‘real books’ – we even love some of those books so much that their pages fall out each time we open them! – but we also love the range of possibilities that modern technology offers, and we’re excited about how a book is no longer a static object, but an interactive experience for the reader.

That doesn’t mean that we want to add bells and whistles where they aren’t appropriate: we are interested in enriching the readers’ experience, not distracting them.

What digital publishing does mean is that high quality, full colour publication is no longer a luxury, that a linear thread no longer needs to be the norm, and that audio and video elements can be part of the book itself.

Those of you who feel a little lost in the DP world may find our Digital Publishing Guide useful.

We hope those who are already au fait with the concepts will check out our books. There are more in the pipeline and we’ll be featuring existing books here as well as posting news when we launch new titles.