Creative writing; business writing I

Creative writing; business writing I

Businesses describe their leaflets and marketing materials as corporate literature, so it should come as no surprise that there is an overlap of skills and techniques in publishing that are of relevance to both creative writers and professionals. This is the first in the series of posts – Creative writing; business writing – in which we’ll be taking a look at this overlap.


As we’ve been talking to clients and colleagues about what we do at Tantamount, we’ve realised that there is some confusion over what exactly is meant by digital publishing.

For many people the phrase conjures images of self-published indie authors, Kindle-style eReaders and discount downloads. While this is indeed a part of digital publishing – and Tantamount do provide a complete range of editorial services via – there is far more to it than this and it’s an area of prime importance to business as well as to creative writing and literature.

Creative writing IIf someone describes themselves as a writer, it’s easy to assume they mean they are a creative writer and that they probably write fiction. But “writing” covers a huge range of styles and genres. If fiction is about inventing stories, it goes beyond novels to includes short stories, scripts and screenplays. Then there is poetry, and non-fiction – full-length reference books, text books, travel guides, biographies, etc. – as well as essays and articles that appear on the web or in newspapers and magazines. And not just general interest magazines, but professional and technical, as well as in-house and society newsletters. What about all the supermarket magazines, the leaflets you pick up in the bank, instruction manuals, tourist brochures, local directories… and the blurbs at the front of the phone book, the information sections on timetables, and labels on food and clothes? These may not exactly be epics, but they still need to be written by someone, and surely someone who writes for a living is a writer? So, while a novelist is certainly a writer, a writer may deal with all sorts of other texts and publication types.

In the same way, digital publishing isn’t only about formatting fiction to be read on eReaders. It also includes enhanced eBooks and content apps with audio and video and high-quality full-colour images, interactive maps and 3D explorable models. And this kind of publication isn’t just for creative literature, but can be used for technical product specs or business catalogues, multimedia CVs, company profiles and other corporate literature.

Almost any piece of print collateral that a company uses might be published digitally. Not simply formatted as a pdf, but re-imagined, expanded and enhanced to take advantage of the functions available via handheld devices. In short, digital publishing is just as relevant to businesses as it is to novelists and other creative writers.

At Tantamount, we know all about writing of all sorts and we can help you find the format and functions that best communicate your company story. Get in touch to find out more.