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content and communication

Content and communication

There are so many ways to communicate and inform your clients of your business message, but they are not all equal. Are you using the right content in the right format on the right platforms to get your message across effectively?   Newsletters, blog posts, social media updates, emails, product and service descriptions, case studies… …

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Logo Design. A company logo is not the same as a business brand

Logo design III – A company logo is not the same as a business brand

Many start-up owners believe that when a professional logo has been commissioned they have taken care of their company branding, but in fact the story has only just begun.   Over the last few blog posts, we’ve been looking at logos and design. Although we haven’t delved into the process that goes on before the …

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Logo Design II

Logo design II – A closer look at what actually constitutes a logo and what you can expect when you commission a designer

Your business logo is a visual representation of your company; it should be simple, recognisable, memorable, and readily distinguishable from your competitors’; it also needs to adapt to different media and sizes, and be effective in black and white as well as colour. But there’s a lot more to it than that and everything is …

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Logo Design I

Logo design I – Why designing a logo isn’t just a question of drawing something pretty

Professional logo design can be an appreciable investment for a company, but when you understand how important it is and how many factors needs to be considered, the cost makes a lot more sense.   A lot of start-up companies worry about how much a professional business logo will cost, so they ask a friend …

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Branding a key tool

Brand: a key tool in your marketing strategy

Whatever the format or platform you use, every time your business communicates, you have an opportunity to strengthen your brand. Each communication is also an opportunity to further your strategic marketing objectives.   At its core, branding it isn’t about visual decoration or artistic good taste; branding has a function to perform. The fundamental purpose …

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