A collaborative venture

When two companies, each with their own strong visual ID, collaborate on a project, it can be a challenge to produce quality collateral: it’s important for each brand to be seen and recognised without dominating, but, handled badly, the mix of colours and styles can lead to lack of clarity, chromatic contamination and dilution of brand image – essentially, a mish-mash or a compromise, with a less than professional result.

This was the task presented to us by our client Risk Evolves, who have teamed up with Pink Connect to deliver a seminar to show businesses how to avoid becoming cyber victims and turn security to their advantage.

We were asked to produce an invitation that achieved this balance for the two companies as well as clearly communicating the message of the event.

The seminar subject is serious and needs to be treated professionally, but we wanted it to be accessible, so we kept the texts simple and reduced visual noise by choosing a neutral colour palette and including the logos of presenters and sponsors in greys. (One of the essential aspects of a successful logo is that it works in grey scale.) To lighten the effect, we featured images with human elements and, in particular, the jenga image on the cover – a playful image given weight by the context, colours and verbal message.

One final element in the design that makes the invitation stand out is the unusual format: an almost square triptych on light card, which is both eye-catching and memorable.

Remember that your brochures, leaflets and other print collateral are out there representing your business when you aren’t present. Talk to us and see how we can make sure that they stay on message and create the right impression.

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