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Warwickshire County Council

Multi-stakeholder projects aimed at encouraging cycling and local bus use as better travel options to reduce air pollution & congestion.

These projects, pioneered by Clean Air Warwick with support and funding from Warwickshire County Council, involved a range of additional stakeholders, including Clean Air Leamington, Stagecoach, Johnsons Buses, CycleWays and Action 21, all of whose views and opinions had to be given due space and attention. The target audience, too, comprised a number of separate demographics, each with their own motivations and concerns.

Client: Warwickshire County Council & Clean Air Warwick
Sector: Public/Environmental
What we did: Concept | Social media assets | Print collateral | Copywriting


A focus on digital assets

Limited budgets, tight deadlines and the need to engage with different audiences called for a focus on digital collateral, including both static and animated social media assets, in order to minimise spend, while maintaining the reach and effectiveness of the campaigns through on-going, organic sharing.

Clearly branded social media assets with simple slogans and bright visuals are a reusable resource that provide evergreen content for an on-going campaign.

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