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Putting it all together

Readers who have been following the Tantamount blog for a while will already have heard of Waverley – the small cat with the big miaow. We’ve been working over the last few months with author, David Aston, illustrator, Martin Jones, and narrator Alex Owen-Hill to get together all the various pieces of this delightful children’s …

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News round up

There’s always a lot going on at Tantamount, so today we’ll have a quick round up of the last few weeks and current projects: We’ve designed and launched a new website for Alonso Ibarrola, whose first book, Depetris, was published in Spain in 1961 – over half a century ago. We’re proud that when Ibarrola …

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The cat’s miaow

One of the pleasures of working in publishing is that you get to work with great writers and artists. One of our current projects is a children’s book, The Cat’s Miaow, by David Aston, and with sketches like this arriving on a regular basis from illustrator Martin Jones, it’s a pleasure to check our inbox …

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