Interactive magazines

Company brochures, monographs, full colour glossies… weeklies, monthlies, special editions… texts and graphics enhanced and enriched with audio, video, hyperlinks and interactive functionalities: we use the latest in tablet technology to help you present your company, your product, your publication in the best possible light.

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Classroom to screen

The world of education has changed: students have taken control. And one of the things today’s students want is on-the-go-access to their learning environment. Vocational, academic or professional, whatever – and however – you teach, let us show you how modern technology can put your course directly in the hands of students around the world.

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Design & web

A website is often the first point of contact with the public, making web presence a crucial factor in your company’s success. We’ve been designing affordable web-based applications of all types and sizes for nearly two decades, working with cutting-edge technology while holding on firmly to the core values of usability and functionality.

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For authors

Modern readers are technologically aware, and you need to be, too. As well as a full range of publishing services, we offer everything from a simple landing page for a specific book project to writers’ group websites with updatable blogs, e-commerce and forums.

For artists

Painting, sculpture, photography, collage… Whatever medium you use to express your art, whether you want a website where people can find out about your latest creations and exhibitions or a digital portfolio to send out to galleries and clients, we can help you.

For small businesses

Digital publication is about content of all types, not just books and magazines. Text, images, figures, charts… we can help you get your company message to your clients in the formats that they want to use: content marketing at a price that you can afford.

Tantamount guides for writers

Our writing and publishing guides offer simple, non-technical explanations and introductions to issues of importance to writers and self-publishers. Here are the first three, free to download:

Digital Publishing

A non-technical introduction to different digital book formats and reading devices.

Tantamount Digital Publishing guide

Write on Track

Simple issues of typography and page layout. (White space, font usage, text size, alignment.)

Tantamount Write on track guide

The big picture

Basic information about digital images. (Resolution, bitmap/vectorial, cropping, positioning.)

Tantamount The big picture guide

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